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Hello, everybody! 

Casey Vandergrift, owner/creator of Grift Town Goods, is an artist as well as a one-woman design and screenprinting shop. Casey was introduced to screenprinting during her BFA at Murray State University. Screenprinting is a unique artform because all pieces are originals, but can be replicated and shared over and over again.

By printing her original designs on tshirts, her artwork can walk around, meet people, start conversations, and be shared over and over again. She also makes artwork for walls, events, custom projects, and not just screenprinting.
Unlike the branded tshirts in department stores, Casey handprints tshirts and posters to talk about the environmental and social issues of our time. As serious as these topics can be, Casey depicts them with a non-threatening innocence making them easy to look at and to talk about. All of her tshirts are responsibly sourced from sustainable companies that pay their workers a living wage. Some of the inks used are soybased, meaning the production is more sustainable than the other
petroleum based pigments.

The color florescent orange is a repeating theme in almost all of her designs. Orange ribbons are seen tied around trees that are to be cut down, orange signs are posted to provoke caution, and Casey is using this color to evoke awareness. The symbol of the little girl represents our future as
well as our inner child. The Powerlines represent the “lines of power.” When looked at more than once, one can find a deeper, darker meaning to the artwork. Once the lightbulb turns on, it’s really hard to turn it off. This is the goal-- to light up with world with artwork that starts conversations.


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